Project 365 Wrap up, Picture of the year and year favorites

I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile now but with my Snap52 blog and the kids I haven’t got around to it.  I often find myself hopping over to this blog to take a look at my photos over the past year to see favorites and improvements.  I wanted one post to showcase my choices for monthly pictures and my chosen picture of the year.

So here they are, a photo from each month.  Just click on the darker Day # to see the photo.  The month that the picture of the year came from I chose a different photo just because 1. it was a good month for photos and 2. I also really loved the photo I chose that month.

Picture of the Year (above) I just felt I got everything right about this picture, composition, focus, subject and really just an all around great picture.  Post processing was minimal, really just a little smoothing of the skin and that was about it… I really love this picture and will cherish it, it was one of those photos that made me think, “Hey, I CAN do this.” :)

January Day 19 Brothers and cars, need I say more.

February Day 48 The twins napping together in the cutest moment.

March Day 63 The day after my daughter was born 2 months prematurely…how could it not be the picture of the month.  I was back in the NICU again hoping after I had left with the twins last time I would never see it again, unfortunately we do not choose how our lives go, but moments like these are precious and make you appreciate the littlest things.

April Day 92 Ok, if this picture doesn’t make you smile I don’t know what will.  Pure joy captured and I was proud of myself for actually capturing a moving target!

May Day 139 Loved the water shot and the post processing of this picture, one of my faves.

June Day 160 This photo was a close second for picture of the year.  I love a good sun flare picture and a good fence picture so here it was in one shot.

July Day 185 This photo was more of a comical one…I just love how Mateo looks like he is sporting an ice cream goatee and Isaak in the background scratchin’ his belly… Got to love a mix of ice cream and twins ;)

August Day 207 This photo I should say was me being bad… snapped it while driving our moving van with my little navigator…but I never let go of the wheel FYI.

September Day 229 Brothers in the park holding hands 

October Day 263 Another close runner up for picture of the year…it was taken the same month as the selected picture of the year and there were a couple others tough to choose from…it was a good month :)

November Day 315 I really love the synchronized blowing of candles I caught here with the twins.

December Day 361 My first bokeh picture that I felt I nailed.

There you have it… please let me know what you think of those I selected and if you want you can follow me over on my Snap52 blog where I am currently posting my pictures.


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